Wedding Packages

The  Grandeur Package

Price Range: US$5,000 and up


It's the once in a Life Time attitude for these couples!  Nothing is to be left out, time to pull out all the bells and whistles. (see price page for package details).

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The Story Book Package


Price Range: US$3,000 - $4,999


Our most popular package!  There are some must haves, but we still want to keep it all in budget.  This package is the best of both worlds. (see price page for package details).

The Simply Elegant Package

Price Range:  US$2,500 - $2,999


Intimate but elegant package!  Just family, closet friends, with a few elegant touches here and there.  No fuss, no stress, just a peaceful and joyous day among great people. (see price page for package details).

Event Stlying

Price Range US$700 and up


For your surprise parties, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, dinner parties or corporate shindigzs and more!  Call us today. (see price page for details).

Ceremony Designs

Price Range US$500 and up


For your formal Indoors (Church ceremony or hall) to your outdoor Rustic or nature themed cermony.  We can design something special for your Day! (see price page for details).

Marriage Proposals

Price Range US$200 - $350


I think she's the one / I think he's the one!  Let us plan your special engagement dinner for two or with a few family/friends! Wonderful, were Engaged! (see price page for details.