What's your wedding "Picaso"

Choosing your wedding Colors: From the Dress to the table linens and everything else in between! Choosing your wedding colors can be an exciting task or a daunting one! We like to say to our Brides/Grooms, choose colors that makes you feel beautiful and calm. Try and avoid new patterned colors that you are not sure of, however, a hint of new designs can be effective. Be creative, its ok to pick two or more colors which compliments each other to set a romantic tone for your wedding. You can also have one color for your ceremony and the other color for your reception. Hint of caution: Do not use two bold colors or two mild colors, this might be to overpowering or understated for your Event. Need help choosing colors: Leave it to the experts, speak wih your wedding planner/designer so you can achieve the best color(s) for your Special Day!

Wedding dresses in all colors! Photo by Riki Richardson.jpg

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